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RailServe.com Advertising

Who We Are: The scope of Internet resources is growing exponentially, increasing the need for specialty web portals that index quality content in well-organized directories. Such sites enable users to truly browse by topic or interest rather than rely on broad searches. Committed to this single vision, RailServe.com is the largest and most visited rail directory and rail search engine and provides a highly targeted audience for advertisers.

Where We've Been: Serving the needs of travelers, hobbyists, and the rail industry for 20 years, RailServe.com's flexible advertising solutions reach 2.5 million unique visitors annually. We have provided advertising solutions to more than 300 clients, ranging from sole proprietors to the Fortune 500, with a renewal rate exceeding 95%.

Why We're Unique: As a directory, most users come to RailServe.com to browse for websites offering rail products and services. By placing relevant ads at the top of highly targeted categories, we can provide considerably higher click-through and conversion rates than other rail websites. Our audience also features an attractive demographic profile -- 70% earn at least $50k/year, 80% have a college education, and more than 90% are over the age of 25.

How To Get Started: RailServe.com offers three primary advertising opportunities. Please select from the following options to learn more about the unique advantages of each method. Or, contact RailServe.com with your advertising goals and let us propose a variety of advertising options just for you.

  1. Premium Listing: distinguish your listing in any category for just $195/year
  2. Banner Advertising: for broad exposure across multiple pages
  3. Sponsorship: home page placement starting at just $145/year


Premium Listing

Many of RailServe.com's category pages contain hundreds of listings and reach more than 10,000 viewers/month. To leverage the benefits of RailServe.com's targeted audience and distinguish your listing from the competition, we offer the Premium Listing -- a bold color listing at the top of one or more highly targeted category pages.

Targeted: Choose from 150+ advertising locations throughout the site to target specific audiences best suited for your products, services, or website. RailServe.com is primarily used by train hobbyists, travelers, railfans, and industry stakeholders with highly targeted categories for each market.

Low Cost, High Exposure: Even in the most popular categories that reach 30,000+ viewers/month, your site can be highlighted at the top for just $195/year. If your site is related to multiple RailServe.com categories (e.g. a retailer that sells both books and videos, or railcar leasing firm that also provides maintenance services), significant discounts are available for multiple Premium Listings.

Highly Effective: Distinguished by their high placement, bold text, and icon designation, Premium Listings are presented as "featured sites" rather than traditional banner ads. This unique advertising format allows us to offer higher click-through rates and a lower cost-per-click than other rail-related websites.

Convenient: No banners to be designed. No waiting. Payment can be made online and your Premium Listing begins within 24 hours.

To request a Premium Listing or additional details, please contact us today.

Banner Advertising

For broad exposure to RailServe.com's 200,000+ monthly visitors, traditional banners allow you to use both images and text to reach your target audience.

Targeted: With nearly 200 banner locations to choose from, it's easy to target the specific audiences best suited for your website. RailServe.com is primarily used by train hobbyists, travelers, railfans, and industry stakeholders with highly targeted categories for each market.

Fixed Placement: Many sites rotate ad banners throughout numerous pages or sites, leaving the advertiser without sufficient control of their audience. At RailServe.com you simply select the desired locations and length of advertising term. Your ad is displayed upon every page view, similar to traditional print advertising. When choosing among advertising locations, RailServe.com can provide you with a guaranteed impression count (ad views) per month.

Flexible for Your BudgetRailServe.com gives you the freedom to select one or many advertising locations for any desired period. Category pages (e.g. Construction & Engineering, or Model Train Stores & Hobby Shops) start as low as $195/year and can generate more than 30,000 impressions (views) per page per month. Rotate multiple ad banners in the locations you choose for maximum exposure to repeat visitors, or change your banner at any time to promote new products, promotions, or sales.

Benefits: RailServe.com banner advertisers are entitled to a complimentary Premium Listing ($195/year value) in their website's most relevant category. Additionally, select banner ad packages include a complimentary "Sponsor" designation on the Home Page.

For banner pricing, availability, and all other questions, please contact us today.


RailServe.com sponsorship provides a unique, inexpensive opportunity for placement on a site that reaches 2.5 million users annually. Starting at just $145/year, rail-related websites may advertise with a one-line sponsorship listing on the RailServe.com Home Page.

Sponsors are listed in descending order of sponsorship amount, so greater sponsorship amounts yield higher placements. Many clients choose to combine sponsorship with premium listings or banner ads on our more highly targeted category pages.

To begin your sponsorship or request additional information, please contact us today.

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