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Live Steam Suppliers & Retailers

This page provides a directory of live steam and garden railroad suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, including Gauge 1, 2? 3? 4? 7? 7? 10? and 15 inch gauge live steam trains.

A & K Enterprises - Sells valves, steam cylinder oil, fittings, injectors, and other products for live steam engines

A & K Railways - Live steam locomotive parts and supplies for sale online; Newhall, California

Abbots Model Engineering (A.M.E.) - Produces 5" and 7-1/4" gauge British locomotives and rolling stock plus trucks and custom train cases

Alan Keef Ltd - British manufacturer of narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock from 10 1/4" to 3'6" gauge

American Model Engineering Supply - Provides live steam products including gauges, lubrication, valves, pipe fittings, fasteners, safety valves, and more

Anything Narrow Gauge - UK provider of narrow gauge live steam locomotives, parts, and service

Argyle Locomotive Works - Australian producer of Gauge 1 (45mm) live steam locomotives in narrow gauge and standard gauge scales

Aster Hobbies Ltd - UK importer, distributor, and retailer of Gauge One live steam models from Aster Hobby Co of Yokohoma, Japan

Aster Hobby Co - Manufacturer of Gauge One live steam locomotives; Yokohoma, Japan


Aster Hobby USA - US importer and distributor for Aster live steam locomotives and accessories; Spartanburg, South Carolina

Australian Railcraft - Australian supplier of 5" gauge parts for freight rolling stock and live steam locomotives

Blackgates Engineering - Supplies drawings, castings, and other parts for 3-1/2", 5", and 7-1/4" gauge locomotives

Branchline Products - Offers 1.5" scale castings, couplers, trucks, and detail parts

Cannonball Ltd - 1-1/2" scale 7-1/2" gauge manufacturer and supplier; Oklahoma

Compass House - UK producer of 5" and 7-1/4" gauge battery electric locomotives

Cromar White - UK supplier of miniature railway equipment including steel rail, aluminum rail, track equipment, steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, rolling stock, electronics, trackside structures, and more

D. Hewson Models - UK producer of precision parts for 5" gauge locomotives and wagons

Dave Noble Model Engineering - UK producer of wagon kits, locomotive fittings, and water gauges for 5" gauge live steam modelers

Denver Light Railway - Provides engineering services for live steam railroads including locomotive building and restoration, trackwork, points, signaling, and more; Willenhall, West Midlands, UK

Discover Live Steam - Live steam articles, books, and classified ads

DJB Model Engineering - UK supplier of ready-to-run 15mm/16mm live steam locomotives, plus castings, parts, and accessories

Dorrington Technical Models - German producer of 3-1/2", 5", and 7-1/4" gauge live steam locomotives, rolling stock, spares, and accessories

E. & J. Winter Model Engineering Supplies - Serves model engineers in Australia and New Zealand including plans, castings, boiler fittings, fasteners, and more

Engineers Emporium - UK producer of steam locomotives, boilers, parts, and tools for model engineers

Fran and Miles Hale Model Railroad Builders - Plans and builds custom model railroads and museum quality dioramas in any scale from Z (1:220) to 1-1/2" (1:8) live steam; Kansas City, Missouri

Hillcrest Shops - 5" scale, 15" gauge steam locomotives, diesel engines, rolling stock, car trucks, parts, and materials

Hobby Mechanics - Australian producer of machine tools and accessories for live steam locomotives and traction engines

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Iron Horse Model Engineering Services - UK supplier of locomotives and rolling stock in gauges from 3-1/2" to 10-1/4" and traction engines from 2" to 6" scale

J&S Railcar - Produces large scale coaches, reefers, box cars, ore cars, and cabooses, plus G scale structures and accessories

KidSteam - Amusement ride for kids 3 to 13, created for backyard or rental use

Little Engines - Supplier of 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1-1/2" scale live steam locomotives, riding cars, and accessories

Live Steam Locomotives - Produces 7-1/4" and 7-1/2" gauge locomotives (UP Big Boy, Challenger, and Northern) and an extensive collection of railroad locomotive and tender drawings from the steam era

LocoGear - Live steam Shay locomotive castings for Western Maryland Ry. Shay #6 in 1-1/2" scale for either 7-1/4" or 7-1/2" gauge

LocoParts - Manufactures custom tenders/kits, gas burners, silicon bronze lost wax castings, and live steam locomotive valves and accessories in 1-1/2", 2-1/2", and 3-3/4" scale

Macc Model Engineers Supplies - Custom cut metal, steam driven water pumps, injectors, check valves, chime whistles, and other products for live steam railroading; Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

Mammoth Locomotive Works - Engineers large scale live steam locomotives and rolling stock

Mamod - British builder of stationary and mobile steam engines and O gauge trains

Mamodonline Working Model Steam Engines - UK maker of O gauge live steam locomotives and rolling stock

Mardyke Miniature Railways - UK producer of diesel (hydraulic) and petrol (hydrostatic) locomotives plus passenger carriages and freight wagons

Maxitrak - UK manufacturer of live steam and diesel locomotives in 5" and 7-1/4" gauges

Maxitrak Owners' Club - Owners of 5" and 7-1/4" gauge locomotives from Maxitrak

Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works - Custom building and restoring of light railway equipment including 1/3 scale 15" to 18" gauge steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and rolling stock

Miniature Railway Magazine - British magazine specializes in 5", 7-1/4", 10-1/4", 12-1/4", and 15" gauge miniature railways, both commercial and garden varieties

Miracle Railroad Products - Produces graphics and decals for large scale models, from one-inch scale to full size

Model Engineering Supplies - Australian supplier of live steam parts and accessories in 5" and 7-1/4" gauge

Modelbouw Atelier Apeldoorn - Dutch manufacturer of G scale live steam locomotives

National Summer Steamup - Summertime small-scale live steam event in Sacramento, California

Nelson's Locomotive Works - Constructs 7-1/2" gauge live steam geared locomotives

Old Time Workshop - Offers a range of decals, etched kits, and detailing parts for tabletop scales through to outdoor live steam, including narrow gauge prototypes

One Inch Scale Railroad Supply - Manufacturer of kits and component parts for 1/12 scale model railroading; Ferndale, Washington

Orion Models - UK producer of live steam locos, plus a range of locomotives in Gauge 1

OS Live Steam Locomotives - Japanese manufacturer of 3-1/2", 5", 7-1/4" and 7-1/2" gauge live steam locomotives, parts, and accessories

P.T. Machining - UK producer of copper boilers for 2-1/2" to 7-1/4" gauge locomotives and up to 3" scale traction engines

Paul Lazenby Design - UK provider of design and machining services for 5" and 7-1/4" gauge railways

Penn Keystone Coal Company - Sells 50 pound bags of live steam coal to individuals, groups, and brokers

Phoenix Locos Ltd - Manufacturer of battery/electric modern traction locomotives and rolling stock in 5" and 7-1/4" gauge, including the Class 42 Warship, Class 50 Hoover, Class 52 Western, DBV200, DBV 221, EMD F7, and the Project Loco

PJS Model & Light Engineers - UK provider of trucks and bogies for 7-1/4" and 7-1/2" gauge equipment, plus locomotive rebuilds and repair

Plum Cove Studios - Produces 7-1/4" and 7-1/2" gauge electric locomotives and rolling stock for live steam enthusiasts

PNP-Railways - UK producer of plastic injection molded parts for 7-1/4" and 5" gauge model railways

Polly Model Engineering Limited - UK supplier of 5" gauge live steam locomotive kits and parts

Precision Locomotive Castings - Sells 1.6" scale castings and 2.5" scale Climax truck parts

Precision Steel Car - Rolling stock kits and detail parts for the 1.5" scale live steamer

Preston Services - UK provider of steam engines, spares, fittings, injectors, whistles, lubricators, and valves

Rail Rider Supply - Produces 7-1/4" and 7-1/2" gauge speeders, wheels, trains, components, parts, and accessories

Railroad Supply Corporation - Specializes in producing large scale steam and diesel locomotives, track, and accessories; Nashua, New Hampshire

RailwaySleepers.com - UK supplier of 20 different types of railway sleepers (crossties) for gardening, construction, and furniture making

Real Trains - Manufacturer of locomotives, cars, trucks, wheels, rail, and track in 1.5" to 5" scale; Yucaipa, California

Reedyville Railroad Products - Complete line of locomotive bells in 2-1/2" to 7" scale

Rizzoli Locomotive Works - Builder of custom fine scale steam whistles

Roll Models Inc (RMI) - Offers riding scale steam, electric, and gas hydraulic locomotives, rolling stock, specialty rail cars, castings, parts, track, structures, and controls

Roundhouse Engineering Co Ltd - Manufacturer of live steam locomotives for G scale, SM45, and SM32

Scale Products Company - Produces working signals in all scales and from all eras, plus depots, water towers, and structures

Sidestreet Bannerworks - Supplier of videos and books about garden railroading and live steam

Silver State Trains - Online retailer of Accucraft live steam locomotives; Henderson, Nevada

Small-Scale Live Steam Resources - Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) about small-scale live steam including a guide to manufacturers

Station Road Steam - UK buyer and seller of live steam models of all sizes

Steam Days Locomotives - UK buyer and seller of live steam models

Sunset Valley Railroad - Manufactures a strong Gauge 1 code 250 track system, a range of Gauge 1 switches, and rolling stock designed to run with live steam locomotives from Aster, Accucraft, and Roundhouse

Titan Trains - Supplier of 1/8 scale train products, including diesel engines, passenger cars, freight cars, and accessories; Boones Mill, Virginia

Warrick Sandberg - Australian supplier of live steam train parts for several scales including bogies, water and steam pumps, injectors, and safety valves

Wasatch Railroad Contractors - Offers steam locomotive boiler construction and repair capabilities to both standard gauge historic railroads and scale live steam groups of 7-1/4" gauge and larger

Wilesco - German builder of stationary and mobile steam engines

Yesteryear Toys & Books - Live steam engines from Mamod, Wilesco, Cheddar, Krick, Tucher & Walther, Hermann Bohm, and Blechspielzeug

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